Which fluoroelastomer FUDI provide?

FUDI has been devoted itself in fluoroelasetomer compounding for 21 years. The factory covers an area of 20000 square meters with three modern production lines, 8 sets of banbury machine, 15 sets of testing equipment. To ensure every batch of order is fully qualified, we have standard production processing, strict quality control system along with unique compounding formulations. With annual output of 1000 tons of fluoropolymer, the products passed ISO 9001, Reach/ SGS certificates.


We provide a wide range of fluoroelastomers including bisphenol curable copolymer, bisphenol curable terpolymer, peroxide curable copolymer, peroxide curable terpolymer, high-fluorine contained fkm (70%), FEPM, low temperature resistance fkm, perfluoroelastomer ffkm, fkm raw gum, fkm precompound, fkm compound ready for use.


How to select which fluoroelastomer suitable for your application?
As we know, there are viton A, B, GF, GLT grades fluoroelatomer. Viton A is 66% fluorine contained bisphenol curable copolymer, which is used mostly. It is used in most situations like automotive oil seals, shaft seals, o rings, washers, gaskets. Viton B is 68% fluorine contained bisphenol curable terpolymer. With higher fluorine container, the chemical resistance is better than Viton A. It is used in harsh environment which Viton A can’t meet requests. GF grade is higher fluorine contained than B grade, the fluorine content about 69-70%. It has outstanding performance in chemical resistance. But as we know the higher fluorine the worse low temperature resistance it has. So there is a special grade GLT grade for the working environment which low temperature is requested. Usually viton A can only stand temperature -10℃, while low temperature grade can stand for -20 to -30℃. If you need lower temperature like -40℃ fluorosilicone is a good choice. Fluoroelatomer has good resistance to acid, while it has poor resistance to alkali. If you need alkali resistance fluoroelastomer, we highly suggest FEPM, It has good resistance to alkali and steam.

Our technician and sales team has a good knowledge of various fluoroelstomer. We are sure we will provide you the good quality products with best offer.

Post time: May-16-2022