• How to use fluoroelastomer FKM compound?

    As we all know FKM fluoroelastomer rubber is widely used in automotive, petroleum, aerospace. It has a great resistance to oil, fuel, chemicals, solvents, and high temperature as high as 250C. If you are the new user, our FKM compound grade is very suitable for your application. It is fkm raw pol...
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  • HNBR in serious shortage

    Its known that Zeon Zetpol HNBR and Arlanxo HNBR base polymer is in serious shortage. The Chinese brand Zannan HNBR raw polymer is in shortage too. Under such circumstances many customers find its difficult to keep previous supply chain. If you have such problem please feel free to contact FUDI f...
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  • What is Viton®?

    What is Viton®?

    Viton® is the resigstered brand of fluoroelastomer by Dupont company. The material is also known as fluoroelastomer/ FPM/ FKM. It has great resistance to fuel, oil, chemicals, heat, ozone, acids. It is widely used in aerospace, automotive, semiconductors, petroleum industries. There are different...
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  • Different appearance of fkm rubber material

    Different appearance of fkm rubber material

    A. FKM base polymer Appearance: translucent or milky white flakes Shelf life: two years Usage: Crosslinkers and other fillers should be added during compounding. It’s better used in internal mixers. Advantages: ● Shelf life is long. ● Economic. ● User could adjust the formulation based on o...
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  • How to choose fluoroelastomer?

    Fluoroelastomer can be divided in following ways. A. Curing system B. Monomers C. Applications For curing system, there are general two ways: Bisphenol curable fkm and peroxide curable fkm. Bishpenol curable fkm usually owns the features of low compression set, which is used for molding sealing p...
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  • Which fluoroelastomer FUDI provide?

    FUDI has been devoted itself in fluoroelasetomer compounding for 21 years. The factory covers an area of 20000 square meters with three modern production lines, 8 sets of banbury machine, 15 sets of testing equipment. To ensure every batch of order is fully qualified, we have standard production ...
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  • Bright color watch bands made by fluoroelastomer

    We have once a local customer requested us to suppy a bright Neon yellow colored fluoroelastomer compound. Our experienced technician suggested that only Peroxide curable system fluoroelastomer could offer a satisfactory performance. However, the customer insisted that we use bisphenol curable fl...
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  • What is the price trend of fluoroelastomer in 2022?

    As we all know, the fkm (fluoroelastomer) price rise sharply in 2021. And it reached to the peak price in the end of 2021. Everyone thought it would go down in the new year. In February 2022, the raw fkm price seemed little lower. While after that, the market has new information about price trend...
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